14 Day Trial for $97

Test the phone version of our software for 14 days for $97.

Our system is software that tells you when and where to bet. To use it, input various data such as winning numbers, and you are given predictions to bet on.

There are two versions of our software:

The Web version: It is accessed via our website via any device (PC, MAC, Android or iPhone). There is nothing to install so you can begin immediately. First write down data about spins on pencil and paper in the casino. Then leave the casino to login to the software online, and input the data. The spins are analyzed, then you receive betting charts that tell you when and when to bet. The charts can be memorized or copied onto casino brochures to avoid unwanted attention. It’s legal everywhere because you never use electronic devices at the table.

The Phone version (the version you can test): The software is installed directly on your mobile phone. It is designed to be used directly at the table. You input data like winning numbers into the phone using a hidden cable and invisible wireless earpiece, so you don’t need pencil and paper. The phone is never visible to casino staff. But in some jurisdictions it is not legal to use. You don’t need the cable or earpiece if you use this version at online casinos.

The trial explained here includes only the phone version. This is because using the Web version requires disclosure of confidential information only available to full players. The Phone version does not because it is designed to require as little knowledge as possible.

Important Points

  • Previously the 14-day trial was free. But many people repeatedly requested the trial using fake names. So now the trial is 14-days for $97.
  • You’ll receive your software login details usually within 72 hours (excluding weekends). Accounts are manually added. Please be patient.
  • Decide where you want to test the software before proceeding, so you don’t waste time. Proceed at a time you know you’ll have time to test properly. A few hours of testing is insufficient proof of anything.
  • The software runs only on Android phones. Most modern Androids are ok. Or you can use an Android emulator, which runs Android apps on your PC or MAC. We suggest using the free emulator at www.bignox.com/
  • To use the software in real casinos, you’ll need additional equipment including a data input cable, and wireless earpiece. Together they cost about $300. These allow you to use the software without the casino staff seeing the phone. But if you test the software only at home with free “play for fun” accounts with online casinos, you don’t need to hide the phone, so you wont need the extra equipment.
  • The instructions to install the software are detailed and clear, but some people may find it difficult. See the installation instructions below so you know what’s involved. But you’ll find once you’ve installed everything, the system is easy to learn and use.

Trial Instructions

So you know exactly what’s involved, click below to see the instructions to install and use the trial software. You’ll receive the same instructions via email (with your login details).

Remember only the Phone version needs installation. There are numerous steps, but the instructions are detailed. So TAKE YOUR TIME AND FOLLOW EACH STEP CAREFULLY. It may seem like a lot, but once everything is installed and you understand how the software is used, you’ll find actual use very simple: