100% Money-back Guarantee

We provide the guarantee explained below. But you can test the system before buying anyway, so you can be sure it works. The two options are the full phone version for 7-days, or the free course. See the home page for details.

Our guarantee is that if you use our techniques correctly and don’t profit over a reasonable amount of spins, we’ll give you a full refund. Although you’d prefer an “unconditional” guarantee, keep in mind that most roulette system sellers don’t even honor their guarantee. We are honest people and want you to succeed. And if you genuinely use our approaches properly over a statistically relevant amount of spins and don’t profit, then we don’t want to keep your money.

For you to qualify for a refund, we only ask that you have demonstrated:

1. Reasonable effort to apply the system. Without adequate time and effort, no system can be effective.

2. That you correctly applied the system. This includes using the correct approach and system for the wheel and conditions you play in. Players usually only lose if they have made clear mistakes. If you carefully read and follow simple instructions, you are unlikely to make mistakes.

3. That you understand the system. If you tell us you have failed to profit but don’t even have usable data in the software, you cannot possibly have understood our approaches. This is because the instructions are very clear and the software even tells you if you made an error. You must have all data saved in the software for us to review, including data for spins you bet on (or tested with), and the data for evaluation of wheels.

4. You have sought adequate support: if you don’t understand something, contact us for support. we sincerely care about your success and by far, the most common reason a player will fail is because they don’t seek enough support. If you can't win, seek support and we'll ensure your success.

You have 30 days in which to test our approaches and request a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Guarantee

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Q. What’s stopping you from just saying I didn’t use the system correctly? +

The instructions are perfectly clear. The procedures don't change. If you don’t follow them, we’ll clearly explain your mistakes and how to correct them.

Q. What is considered a “reasonable amount of spins” or “long term”? +

Realistically 10,000 spins still isn’t “long term”, but for the purposes of this guarantee, long term is considered 1,500 spins of play on a wheel that has an acceptable rating, and/or passes validation testing to indicate the wheel is suitable.

You don't need so many spins to see the system works. Simply the more data you have, the more conclusive proof is.

Q. Have you given any refunds? +

Yes, for compassionate reasons such as one player’s wife is a strict Muslim and demanded he stop attending casinos. The player stated he knew the system was effective so only requested a 50% refund which we accepted. Another player had back pains and couldn’t attend casinos anymore, so he was given a full refund. But generally now we don’t accept these kind of reasons as acceptable grounds for a refund. At this stage, only two players requested a refund as per the terms of the guarantee, but they began to profit once we explained their mistakes. But still it’s possible to do everything right and still lose (in the short term), in which case you receive a refund.

Q. Does the guarantee apply to just any wheel? +

No, because you can’t beat 100% of wheels. You only need to have tested the system on ONE wheel that, as per the system and software rules.


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