Terms Of Service

The “Player” (you) is the purchaser of our product (the “product”, “service”, "software" or “roulette system”). rouletteadvantageplay.com includes “we”, “us”, “our” and “NATURAL LABORATORIES PTY LTD”.

By submitting the payment registration form, or by accessing any part of the product, you (the “player”, or “Recipient”) agree to the following terms and conditions.

The agreements are are between you (the “Player” or “Recipient”) and NATURAL LABORATORIES PTY LTD.


Product Definition

THE “PRODUCT”: The official “product” (or “service”) is material that assists you to predict outcomes of roulette wheel spins. The material includes instructional digital information, videos and ebooks, and software. The itemized list for "full membership" (US$2,500) is below:

  • Web and phone version software access for the specified term
  • Email, Skype, Phone & Help Desk support
  • Primordials ebook (explains the best proven roulette systems)
  • Free basic version roulette computer (explained at roulette-computers.com)
  • Spin collection software (covert mobile phone software to collect data about wheels)
  • Online casino betting bot (windows software to automate part of the system's betting procedure for online casinos)

The product is described primarily on the home page of this website.

By sending payment or submitting the payment registration form, you are agree that you have read and understood the content on the above pages.


Confidential Material

“Confidential material” includes any information or material pertaining to the “product”.

1. Upon receipt of your payment and submission of the payment registration form, we will email you the welcome email which explains how to access the product. The “welcome email” is the email with the text “rouletteadvantageplay.com instructions” at the top. You will receive login details (username and password) for the software in a separate email.

2. Our obligations are deemed to have been fulfilled in entirety once you have had access to the product for the subscription period. The two types of subscriptions are a “limited”, and an “unlimited” subscription.

a. The “limited” option means you will have access to the product for the specified time period.

b. The “unlimited” option does not mean “forever” because we cannot guarantee to provide anything “forever”. The “unlimited” option means we will provide you with access to the product for a minimum of 12 months. This will have completed our legal obligation to you. However, we aim to give you continued access to the product, for as long as it exists, without any additional fees.

Unless specified otherwise, the default option is "unlimited".

3. If you cannot access any part of the product for any reason at any time, you must notify us via the player help desk, then we will resolve the issue. If other remedies fail, we will demonstrate successful login to your software account from our or your PC, and this will constitute proof that you have full access to the product. This process may be done to verify your access to any part of the product. If you refuse to notify us of any issues, or witness successful access either via screencast or remote pc access, you understand and agree that you forfeit any right to claim the product was not provided. The screencast or remote access will be conducted by software provided by Skype.com or Teamviewer.com.

4. If you breach any part of this agreement, your access to one or more parts of the product may be restricted indefinitely, and you will not be entitled to any refund except any required by law. Breach of these terms may also result in legal action by us and other players who may experience losses as a result of the breach.

5. Under no circumstances may you:

a. Discuss any part of the product with any entity (besides us), or

b. Identify yourself to any entity (besides us) as a player, or

c. Disclose any information that may reveal another player’s legal identity to another entity, or

d. Disclose or release any of the confidential material to any entity without prior written consent from us, or

e. Provide any unauthorized entity with access to any part of the product.

6. You agree to create and use an email address exclusively for contact with us, and for your use of our product. This must be the email address you specify on the payment registration form, and it will be used to identify you as an authorized player. You agree not to disclose this email address to any entity, other than us and the email service provider, for any reason. This is to ensure strict security procedures when using our product. Your email address should be with a reliable email provider (we recommend gmail), and you should remember your login details.

7. The player may discuss the product only with our support staff. Discussions involving confidential material may only take place on the help desk because it is a secure environment for communication between authorized individuals.

8. The levels of income stated on the rouletteadvantageplay.com web site are based on results achieved by other players and the experience of rouletteadvantageplay.com staff. However, we do not and cannot offer performance guarantees. The offer at rouletteadvantageplay.com/guarantee/ does not form part of the official terms of service, and is provided at our sole discretion. As with any product, individual results may vary due to factors beyond our control. Such factors include but are not limited to where the product is applied, intelligence, learning rate, capacity to collect the required data from roulette wheels, health or eyesight of the player, unit size, and the player’s motivation. The product is provided as-is. All express and implied terms, conditions and warranties which otherwise might apply to your use of the product are expressly excluded other than those terms, conditions and warranties which by law cannot be lawfully be excluded or modified by agreement including without limitation Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) and/or the equivalent provisions of the Fair Trading Act 1999 (Vic).

9. We claim that successful application of the product is “easy” and “practical” on approximately 50% of roulette wheels world-wide. This is an estimate based on our experience, and information from players world-wide. Although we believe this estimate to be accurate, we cannot guarantee accuracy because “difficulty” and “practicality” is subjective opinion. We do not and cannot guarantee the roulette wheels in casinos you play in are practical or suitable. If you find that the product cannot be applied successfully at your local casino, you understand and agree that it is your sole responsibility to seek suitable conditions.

10. a. Casino owners or staff, and their immediate family, are not permitted to access the product. Some exceptions are permitted at our discretion.

10. b. Individuals who do not fluently read, write and understand English may not purchase.

NOTE: This is because they may find it more difficult to understand instructions or responses from support staff. It is not that the system is difficult to learn, because most players agree it is quite easy. Simply the amount of time we spend supporting such players is far greater than players who do understand English well. Often explaining even simple concepts takes a long time. A player with poor English often takes over 5x more time than a typical player. We do not provide an interpretation service - and if you need one, we do not accept you as a player. Due to time constraints, we cannot make exceptions to this rule.

11. Although many casinos cannot refuse entry to players unless they break the law, most casinos reserve the right to refuse entry to any player without explanation. Although it is rare, and although we provide detailed instructions to help prevent detection by casino staff, consistently winning players may be banned from some casinos. In such situations, it is the sole responsibility of the player to seek an alternate casino at which to apply the product.

12. Upon receipt of payment and submission of the payment registration form, we grant you a non-transferable license to use the product.

13. Part of the product depends on the availability of internet servers and hosting solutions that are beyond our control. The Player understands and accepts that from time to time, these servers may experience technical difficulties known as “downtime”. We will endeavor to make the software and all parts of the product available at all times, but you agree not to hold us responsible for technical issues that are beyond our control. However, we will endeavour to compensate you for any downtime by providing you with additional access to the product, at no charge.

14. From time to time we or you may not insist on strict compliance with these Terms and Conditions. However this does not mean that we or you cannot insist on performance on another occasion of any part of the Terms and Conditions or the same part that we may have let go in the past. We may sometimes amend the agreements, and you will be notified of such changes via the player blog and forum. It shall remain your responsibility to note such changes. However, you may refuse new agreements, and in such cases, the original agreement will remain in effect. It is your responsibility to review the current terms (on this page) prior to your continued use of the product. Your continued use of the product indicates your acceptance of revised terms. If you do not agree to revised terms, you must notify us before you continue to use the product, and we will note that your use of the product is subject to the original terms.

15. If any part of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, that part will be severed from the terms and conditions. This will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the terms and conditions.

16. The laws of Victoria, Australia apply to these Terms and Conditions and any disputes will be heard in the courts and tribunals of that State.

17. The Player understands that even with correct application of the product, profit can never be 100% assured. The Player agrees that should any financial loss occur, the player will not hold us liable.

18. Any abusive or threatening behavior towards our staff or other players will not be tolerated, and may result in restricting your access to personal support (involving direct communication), and access to the player forum. In such a case, you will still have access to critical parts of the product, including but not limited to the software and instructions.

19. Prices stated on our site do not include GST as most players reside outside Australia. If you reside within Australia, 10% GST must be applied. If you send any amount without GST applied, you are stating that you do not reside in Australia and do not need to pay the 10% tax. We do not conduct checks of the country in which you live, and take your word for it.

20. A nominee approved by us may be assigned all our rights specified on this and the Non-Disclosure Agreement. If this occurs, the contract you agreed to will not be altered unless you and the nominee submit to a new agreement.

21. The player understands that some parts of the Product may be illegal to use in casino of some jurisdictions, and that he or she is solely responsible for researching where use is legal. Illegal use of any part of the Product is strictly forbidden, and will result in the player being denied access to the Product, without any refund, if we reasonably believe the Player is using any part of the Product for an unlawful purpose.

22. Natural Laboratories Pty Ltd reserves all rights to the product and confidential information, provided to it by the entity which previously held rights.


Refund Policy

Once you have accessed the software, or any other part of the product or confidential material, whether or not you use or benefit from them, refund is only provided in the circumstances explained below. This is because you will have accessed confidential information, digital products, knowledge and trade secrets that cannot simply be returned.

The guarantee is not part of the official agreement. Any refunds as per the guarantee are provided at our sole discretion.

We do not accept refunds if:

  • You change your mind
  • Your personal circumstances have changed, or restrict your ability to use the product
  • You choose not to use the product for any reason
  • You are banned from the casino
  • You are unable to travel sufficiently, or unable to find suitable wheels
  • You have a physical condition that affects your ability to use the system
  • You have not fully read the sales material

We do accept refunds when:

  • The service is not delivered within a reasonable time of purchase
  • Any reason required by law
  • We believe a refund is fair and justified, and only for parts of the product we haven’t provided.


Confidentiality Agreement

This Agreement is made between rouletteadvantageplay.com (Natural Laboratories Pty Ltd), and the Purchaser (“the Recipient”, or “Player”).


A. rouletteadvantageplay.com is a multi disciplinary company with interests in energy research and gambling (“the Business”). rouletteadvantageplay.com has developed computer software and techniques which are designed to analyze spin outcomes of a roulette wheel, which in turn can predict spin outcomes. The official “product” is subscription-based access to material that assists you to predict outcomes of roulette wheel spins. The material includes instructional videos and ebooks, and software.

B. The product includes Confidential Information and material which have unique value to rouletteadvantageplay.com.

C. rouletteadvantageplay.com will be prejudiced by any unauthorized use or disclosure or release of the Confidential Information.

D. The parties agree to disclose and use the Confidential Information as provided in this Agreement.


Definitions and Interpretation

1. In the construction of this Agreement, unless the contrary intention appears:

‘Approved purpose’ means evaluation by the Recipient of rouletteadvantageplay.com and the Business to decide whether or not to subscribe to the product or whether or not to enter into a Commercial Relationship with rouletteadvantageplay.com in relation to the Business.

“Confidential information” or “confidential material” means all information or material provided by rouletteadvantageplay.com or its employees, agents, officers or advisers to the Recipient including:

* technical information, designs, software, photographs, drawings and written work including instructional manuals;
* trade secrets, including ideas, know-how and business concepts not reduced to material form;
* business plans, systems, policies and procedures;
* market information;
* marketing material including website content;
* commercial information about rouletteadvantageplay.com or persons with whom rouletteadvantageplay.com deals, including details of agreements with employees, contractors, customers and others;
* financial information about rouletteadvantageplay.com including pricing structures;
* all intellectual property including registered and unregistered trademarks, designs and work to which copyright applies;
* any information marked “confidential” or which rouletteadvantageplay.com informs the Recipient is confidential or a trade secret;
* software, electronic and non-electronic documents, computer text, images, media such as video and audio files;
* any other material provided by rouletteadvantageplay.com that pertains to the product

but excluding:

* information lawfully available to the public (other than through disclosure by the Recipient or by a person to whom the Recipient disclosed the Confidential Information);
* information which the Recipient can prove it lawfully possessed before obtaining it in connection with this Agreement;

‘Regulatory Body’ means any Federal or State Minister of the Crown, government or quasi government agency or statutory authority whose approval or consent is necessary for the Approved Purpose.

Value and ownership

2. The Recipient acknowledges that all of the Confidential Information and material will at all times remain the absolute property of rouletteadvantageplay.com.

General obligation

3. The Recipient must take all steps necessary to safeguard the confidentiality of the Confidential Information.

Particular obligation

4. The Recipient may use the Confidential Information only:

(1) for the Approved Purpose; or

(2) to the extent and for a purpose to which rouletteadvantageplay.com has consented in writing.


5. Without limiting the generality of the above Clauses, the Recipient MUST not:

(1) profit or cause any other person to profit from the use of the Confidential Information; or

(2) develop or cause any other person to develop any business idea, enterprise, Product or services based on the Confidential Information without rouletteadvantageplay.com’s consent in writing; or

(3) use or disclose to a third party any aspect of the Confidential Information for the purpose of contacting or contracting with any employee or client of rouletteadvantageplay.com.

Permitted Disclosures

6. The Recipient may disclose the Confidential Information only to a person, including any and all of its employees, agents, officers or advisers if:

(a) the Recipient has informed that person of the confidential nature of the Confidential Information; and

(b) that person has undertaken in writing to rouletteadvantageplay.com to keep the Confidential Information secret and confidential, on the same terms as those in this Agreement; and

(c) rouletteadvantageplay.com has consented in writing; or

(d) to the extent required by law.

Printing and Reproduction

7. The Recipient may copy or print the Confidential Information only if rouletteadvantageplay.com has consented in writing.

Communication with Regulatory Body

8. The Recipient may communicate with a Regulatory Body about the Approved Purpose or the Confidential Information only if rouletteadvantageplay.com has consented in writing.


9. The Recipient must

(1) keep all the Confidential Information in a secure manner.

(2) immediately report to rouletteadvantageplay.com any unauthorized use, disclosure, copy or printing of the Confidential Information of which the Recipient becomes aware.

(3) use its best efforts to obtain the return or destruction or deletion of any unauthorized copy or print-out of the Confidential Information.

Return and Destruction

10. On demand by rouletteadvantageplay.com, the Recipient must:

(1) deliver to rouletteadvantageplay.com all the Confidential Information in the Recipient’s possession or control;

(2) delete all the Confidential Information held electronically in any medium in the Recipient’s possession or control; and

(3) destroy all documents which were prepared by or for the Recipient and which were based wholly or partly on the Confidential Information, and delete all such documents held electronically in any medium in the Recipient’s possession or control.

Claims in case of Breach

11. rouletteadvantageplay.com reserves the right to make claims for all remedies available to it against the Recipient in relation to any losses or damage suffered by rouletteadvantageplay.com should the Recipient commit any breach of this Agreement. In addition, access to all documentation, support, products and services will be immediately terminated, and the purchaser will not be entitled to any refund.

Injunctive relief

12. In the event of a breach or threatened breach of this Agreement, rouletteadvantageplay.com is entitled to injunctive relief in addition to any other remedies available at law or in equity, without showing or proving any actual damage sustained by rouletteadvantageplay.com due to the breach or threatened breach. In the event of threatened breach, rouletteadvantageplay.com reserves the right to terminate the relationship with the player without showing or proving any actual damage sustained by rouletteadvantageplay.com.

Continuing obligations

13. The obligations of the Recipient under this Agreement survive the completion of the Recipient’s evaluation of the Business as well as the completion of any agreement in respect of the Approved Purpose, except as otherwise provided by such an agreement.

Licence Rights

14. This Agreement does NOT grant the recipient any license rights or other rights relating to the Business. Any rights must be detailed in a separate Agreement between both parties.

No Assignment

15. The Recipient must not assign all or any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of rouletteadvantageplay.com.

Applicable law

16. This Agreement is governed by the law of the State of Victoria, Australia and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

No warranties

17. rouletteadvantageplay.com makes no warranty or representation that the Confidential Information:

(a) is fit for any general, or any particular purpose; and

(b) does not infringe the rights of any other person.


18. We reserve the right to amend the agreements at any time, and it shall remain your responsibility to note such changes which are announced on the player forum. Your continued use of the service is subject to any updated terms of service.


19. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unlawful, invalid, unenforceable or in conflict with any rule of law, statute, ordinance or regulation, it is to be severed so that the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions are not affected.

Acceptance of Terms

20. Each party agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. By sending payment or submitting the payment registration form, the Recipient is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all terms. The Recipient must have sought legal advice from an independent legal adviser regarding the Agreement. Should the Recipient elect not to seek independent legal advice, the Recipient by submitting the agreement (payment registration form), sending payment or using the product hereby waives their right to seek same and forever indemnifies rouletteadvantageplay.com from any claim arising from misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the terms of this Agreement.


Player Forum Terms

Be aware of your obligations

Access to the player forum is not part of the official product.

The player only forum is subject to the following terms. Read them CAREFULLY. We should not need to explain reasons for such terms, although some are provided. While the terms are restrictive and make matters tedious in some ways, understand they are required – unfortunately the minority ruin it for the majority:

1. You may only register with the e-mail you used to purchase (the one used in the payment registration form). fter registration, contact us and we’ll manually give you access to the correct areas of the forum. If required, you can change the email address we have on file for you (contact us for details).

2. You may not discuss any part of the roulette system or roulette computers outside the forum (even with other members) without prior written consent from us. The forum is the only place discussions are permitted. This is for many reasons. One reason is if a player is banned, they are no longer privy to sensitive information or support, and they will have been banned from the forum. So no unauthorized player will be able to read anything on the forum.

3. Do NOT use a username that will identify who you are, or your location (especially private addresses). Only use a username that you’ve never used before.

4. Do NOT publish your e-mail address or any other contact details in the forum. On one occasion, a player disregarded this term, and he was then impersonated by a banned player to obtain his access codes. The player responsible for the breach was then banned too. The security measures are for everyone’s protection.

5. You must be civil to other members and behave appropriately, or you may be banned from the forum. If you are banned, you will still have access to critical services so you can continue to use the system.

6. Other members may also assist you, but generally the more experienced players don’t spend much time on the forum. So the active members of the forum are mostly players who are new, and/or are seeking support. Do NOT expect such players to help you or provide accurate advice – they may just confuse or unintentionally mislead you.

7. Do NOT reveal who you are, or any information that may be used to reveal your identity. The gambling industry is full of malicious people who may not be acting in your best interests, which includes some of the other players. As an example of what has happened previously, we introduced two players to each other, both who claimed they wanted to form a team. Then one player threatened the other and warned them not to play in “their” casino. Then our of spite, one player then released photos and private information to casinos that identified the other player.

8. Do not duplicate any of the material on the forum, or provide access codes to anyone else. Every access to the forum is logged.

9. If you have intentions of meeting with other players for the purposes of forming a team, you may reveal your general location, but never reveal your residential address. Minimal private information should only be released when absolutely necessary, and before you do so, ask me about particular members for advice if they are suitable for your requirements. You should never reveal any private information such as addresses or private phone numbers. This is because if relationships turn bad, known information may be used against you. Always use a fake name. Expect partners to also use a fake name. Previous disasters could have been avoided if players never used their real names.

7-Day Trial Terms of Service

1. The trial includes 7 days access to the phone version of the software explained at www.rouletteadvantageplay.com. The price of the service is US$97. Details of the trial are at www.rouletteadvantageplay.com/7day-trial/

2. We provide written and video instructions to use the software, and any technical support to ensure you can connect to the software's server.

3. At our sole discretion, we may provide you with additional support to achieve positive results. It is in our best interests to help you succeed. But we are not obligated to provide the additional support.

4. We do not provide any guarantees regarding the results you achieve with the software. The guarantees at www.rouletteadvantageplay.com/guarantee/ apply only to full purchases (for US$2,500).

5. Refunds are not provided except if you are unable to access the service (such as for a technical reason beyond our control), or a refund is required by law. But in case there are technical problems on our side, you'll be compensated with extra time to use the service (at no extra charge).

6. Depending on our schedule, it may take us up to 5 days to send you login details for the software. Please understand we have a busy schedule and our priority is supporting our full players.

7. Sometimes our email containing your trial login details will arrive in your email's spam folder. We are not liable for your lost time if this happens. If you do not receive the login details within 5 days of submitting payment, contact us via our website.


In plain language:

You are subscribing to a trial. You get detailed instructions, and any required help for you to connect to the software. But the trial is very popular and we don't have time to give close support to everyone taking the 7-day trial. We can still of course give reasonable support, but it's not as much as we give to full players. You get unlimited support if you become a full player, but not if you just take the 7-day trial.

If you do follow the instructions, you will likely achieve good results. If you don't follow the instructions, you probably wont get good results. The software is provided "as-is" for you to test, as an alternative to our free email course.

We don't offer guarantees with the 7-day trial, mostly because we can't guarantee you'll use the software properly. We do offer a guarantee with the full system (for US$2,500), but that's because we provide much closer support to ensure your success.


Got Questions?

The FAQs Answer Most Questions But Email Us For More Information

Skype: rouletteanalysis
Ph. +61 3 9018 5395

We can make ourselves available on most weekdays 9:30am - 4pm. Our local time is GMT+10 (Melbourne, Australia). Convert to your local time at www.mymeetingtime.com. Let us know what time during the above hours you would like to call (Skype is best). Then we'll confirm whether or we'll be available.