$97 Trial For 1 Betting Chart


The instructions you receive after purchasing the full system are much more detailed. This page explains instructions for the $97 trial only. These instructions are much more simplified, although it's enough for you to evaluate the system.


STEP 1: Choose a Wheel With The Following Criteria

They are not hard rules, but it's of course best to choose easier wheels when possible.

  • Live dealer wheel. Some automated wheels are ok, and some are even easier to beat. But generally it's better to choose live dealer wheels.
  • Slower wheel: The ball usually bounces more predictably on slower wheels. Average wheels spin at 4-5 seconds per revolution.
  • Stronger dominant diamond: give preference to wheels where the ball hits a specific diamond noticeably more often than others.
  • The ball type was not changed anytime during the spins: It's ok if they change the ball but it's still the same size and color. Otherwise you need to resume collecting spin data when the same ball (color and size) is used. See below note about ball changes:

Ball changes don't make you lose. They just mean you need an extra chart. If they change the ball, but it's the same size and color (material) then it makes no difference because the ball will still bounce the same way. A different ball of the same type still changes some elements, but the system easily deals with this. If the ball is a completely different size and color, then you will need to use a betting chart specifically for that combination of ball type and wheel. There are mostly 4 main balls types ever used in the word. The two main sizes are 5/8" and 3/4". And the to main types are teflon (white) and ivorine (pale yellow). The type of ball is easy to identify and our instructions includes photos, so ball changes are not a significant issue.

We recommend using a live roulette casino that allows you to create a test account and play for fun. A suitable casino is HERE (click the "live casino" link at the top).

Take note of which diamond is being hit by the ball (for both ball directions combined). Also take note of any unique physical features of the wheel (like scratches, wood grain if any). This helps us know if the wheel is moved later. If you test on a live casino wheel, take a screenshot to compare later.


STEP 2: Write Down The Spins In The Order They Spin

Wheel direction is not important for the trial. Simply write down winning in the order they spin. Often even 50-100 spins is adequate. But we recommend collecting 100-200 spins.

IMPORTANTBetting charts become less effective with time. They are usually effective for 5-20 days (until the wheel significantly changes or is moved). So we try to respond with betting charts within 24hrs, but it isn't always possible because sometimes we are travelling. It can take up to 3 days for us to send the betting chart. So as soon as you collect the spins you send us, keep collecting spins from the same wheel for you to test the betting charts later. Keep these extra spins to yourself (don't send them to us), then you can use them for testing the betting chart when you receive it. Otherwise by the time you receive the betting chart, it could be too late and your test would be pointless. Collect as many spins as you can for testing. We suggest at least 100 test spins. The spins should all be only from the same wheel, and the same ball type (size and color). Don't use historical spins from a wheel you haven't seen because you have no way of knowing if the ball was changed.


STEP 3: Submit Your Spins In The Form Below

After we receive your spins, we'll respond with your betting chart and simple instructions to us it.

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