Try Our System For 7-Days

The best proof is testing for yourself. You can test our best system for 7 days for just $97. It includes access only to the phone version of our software (not the web version).

We always give you a few extra days of access, to ensure you have a full 7 days to test. And if you have trouble setting up the software, let us know and we'll extend the trial as long as needed to ensure you have the full 7 days.

NOTICE: Because of gambling-related keywords in our emails, many email providers completely block our emails, or send them to spam folders. This is very common - even Yahoo email does this. We suggest only using Gmail, or our email may not arrive. If your Paypal email is not a Gmail address, contact us immediately after you send payment using a Gmail account, and let us know the email address you used in Paypal. Then we'll email software login details to your Gmail account.

Before proceeding, carefully read the Terms of Service and summary below.



Our system is software that tells you when and where to bet. To use it, input various data such as winning numbers, and you are given predictions to bet on.

There are two versions of our software:

The Web version: It is accessed via our website via any device (PC, MAC, Android or iPhone). There is nothing to install so you can begin immediately. First write down data about spins on pencil and paper in the casino. Then leave the casino to login to the software online, and input the data. The spins are analyzed, then you receive betting charts that tell you when and when to bet. The charts can be memorized or copied onto casino brochures to avoid unwanted attention. It's legal everywhere because you never use electronic devices at the table.

The Phone version (the version you get a trial of): The software is installed directly on your mobile phone. It is designed to be used directly at the table. You input data like winning numbers into the phone using a hidden cable and invisible wireless earpiece, so you don't need pencil and paper. The phone is never visible to casino staff. But in some jurisdictions it is not legal to use. You don't need the cable or earpiece if you use this version at online casinos.

The 7-day trial includes only the phone version. This is because using the Web version requires disclosure of confidential information only available to full players. The Phone version does not because it is designed to require as little knowledge as possible.


Where To Use The Phone Version

We suggest testing the software at an online casino with a real wheel and dealer. This is because you can test at home, and don't need additional equipment like wireless earpieces. You can also use an Android emulator, even if you don't have an Android phone.

There are many suitable online casinos, but suggestions are at

Avoid automated wheels as the auto wheels used by online casinos is a Cammegh Slingshot model, which is notoriously difficult to beat. Focus on wheels spun by real dealers.


Important Points About The 7-Day Trial

  • Previously the 7-day trial was free. But many people repeatedly requested the trial using fake names. So now the trial is 7-days for $97.
  • You'll receive your software login details usually within 72 hours (excluding weekends). Accounts are manually added. Please be patient.
  • Decide where you want to test the software before proceeding, so you don't waste time. Proceed at a time you know you'll have time to test properly. A few hours of testing is insufficient proof of anything.
  • The software runs only on Android phones. Most modern Androids are ok. Or you can use an Android emulator, which runs Android apps on your PC or MAC. If you use an emulator, decide which you'll use before joining the trial. We suggest which is FREE, and works on MAC and Windows.
  • To use the software in real casinos, you'll need additional equipment including a data input cable, and wireless earpiece. Together they cost about $300. These allow you to use the software without the casino staff seeing the phone. But if you test the software only at home with free "play for fun" accounts with online casinos, you don't need to hide the phone, so you wont need the extra equipment.
  • The instructions to install the software are detailed and clear, but some people may find it difficult. See the installation instructions below so you know what's involved. But you'll find once you've installed everything, the system is easy to learn and use.


7-Day Trial Instructions

So you know exactly what's involved, click below to see the instructions to install and use the trial software. You'll receive the same instructions via email (with your login details).

Remember only the Phone version needs installation. There are numerous steps, but the instructions are detailed. So TAKE YOUR TIME AND FOLLOW EACH STEP CAREFULLY. It may seem like a lot, but once everything is installed and you understand how the software is used, you'll find actual use very simple:

Show 7-Trial Instructions (click here) +

This email explains how to install and use the system's phone software. We sincerely want you to succeed, so please carefully follow the instructions. It may seem like a lot to read and understand, but it's just because the instructions are thorough. Once you start using the software, you'll find it is very easy to use.

If you are receiving access as a trial, your account will be active for 7 days from now. If you are a full player, access is unlimited.


See the video tutorials below:


This video explains how to install an older version, but the procedures is the same.


This video explains how to use the latest version, but the written instructions in this email are more detailed.



Using the system is very simple. Basically you enter the required data, and on each spin you get either predictions to bet on, or hear “risk” indicating not to bet.



In settings there is a "Risk threshold". The lower the number you set, the riskier the wheel is to play on. This can and does change with different dealers, but dealers are not the only factors. So if you want to bet only on the easiest wheels, set a higher "risk threshold" value. The recommended setting for "risk threshold" ABOVE 2. The risk analysis feature will not be fully accurate until you have 50+ spins for whatever directions you bet on. So if after 50 spins, you still get risk called with the risk rating set to 2+, the wheel is probably not predictable enough.

Also after you input the winning number on a spin, the data at the below of the screen will display a "max edge" percentage. This is your maximum edge possible relating to how the ball bounces. It is NOT the actual edge you are getting. We suggest not playing on a wheel and/or direction with a "maximum edge" less than 20%. You need AT LEAST 50 spins per direction for the "maximum edge" to be considered reasonably reliable (50+ spins per direction for a profile, regardless of how many spins in a session).

NOTE: Regardless of your "risk threshold", risk will always be called on the first 3 spins of a new session (for each direction). So from the 4th spin of a new session on a specific direction, it is possible to get predictions (provided the risk threshold allows it).



The software runs on Android phones. The easiest and best solution is for you to use an old Android phone or buy a cheap used one. We suggest the Samsung S4 but there are many other compatible phones. The software will work on almost every modern Android phone. But you won't know if the software will run on a phone until you try it because every phone model is slightly different.

Otherwise you can use an Android emulator that runs Android apps on either your Windows or MAC computer. An android emulator is just software that runs android apps on your computer.

The recommended FREE Android emulator is at (for both PC and MAC)



Before proceeding, to prevent problems such as download failure, install Firefox browser on the Android phone and use it to download the files (first you will need to create a Google account to access the app store). Also the procedures may be slightly different depending on your phone model. The below instructions apply to the Samsung S-series (S4,S5,S6,S7).


STEP 1. Start your Android phone and connect to the Internet.


STEP 2. In the phone's Firefox internet browser, go to and download the three files (tap each link)


STEP 3. Go to "Settings" > "More" > "Security" and check the box "Unknown Sources" which allows you install the required apps. *This step isn't needed for some phones.


STEP 4. Go to "My Files" and find the "Download" folder. Select it and you should see the three files you downloaded.


STEP 5. Select "openvpn.apk" and "install". Then click "done".


STEP 6. Go back to the "downloads" folder and install "jaa.apk" and "volumelock.apk" the same way.


STEP 7. On the phone visit again, then click the link with numbers (, then press "I understand the risks" then "visit site" (The connection IS secure despite the warning).


STEP 8. Enter your login details (as below) then click"Go", then "Yourself (autologin profile)". This will download a file named "client.ovpn" to the phone's "Download" folder. YOUR LOGIN DETAILS ARE BELOW:


OpenVPN name:

<will be emailed to you>


OpenVPN Password:

<will be emailed to you>




STEP 9. Exit the Firefox browser and load the "OpenVPN Connect" app.


STEP 10. Press the phone's bottom left button to access the menu (for some phones it is the 3 dots at the top right of the screen), and select "Import", then "Import Profile From SD Card". Then browse to the "Download" folder and select "client.ovpn" press "SELECT".


STEP 11. Go back to the "Download" folder and DELETE all items there (openvpn.apk, jaa.apk, volumelock.apk and client.ovpn).


Now everything is installed and ready go. Basically the "OpenVPN connect" app connects you to the encryption server with your unique account. The phone's software communicates with the analysis server. And the volume lock control allows you to keep the phone volume the same, which is useful if you accidentally change the volume. The JAA app is what you use to apply the roulette system.


If you have trouble installing the software, let us know and we can use software from to log onto your phone and install everything for you. But please first try to follow the instructions yourself as it’s not difficult if you carefully follow each step.


IMPORTANT: When you are not using JAA, DISCONNECT FROM THE OPENVPN ENCRYPTION SERVER BY CLICKING "DISCONNECT" IN THE OPENVPN APP! Because if everyone stayed logged on for no reason, it will slow the server.





STEP 1. On the Android phone, enable “mobile data” if you haven’t already (slide your finger from the top and click the icon). Just use your home's Wifi connection if you are testing at home.


STEP 2. Load “OpenVPN Connect” and click to connect to the server. You will see when it’s connected. If you don't connect using this app, connection to the analysis server is impossible.


STEP 3. Load the roulette system app called "JAA". The first time you need to specify a passcode. Enter it and do not forget it as you’ll need it to load the software other times. Keep it somewhere safe.


STEP 4. Enter your login details and click “sign in” (login details are below). You will see a message when you connection is successful.


IP address: <will be emailed to you>

Port: <will be emailed to you>



App/Software Login Details

Your login with the JAA app is below:


Username: <will be emailed to you>

Password: <will be emailed to you>





STEP 5. If you want to create a new profile (for a new wheel), enter the profile name (letters and numbers only) and click “Add”. Toggle "eu" for European wheel or "am" for American wheel. If you get the wheel format wrong, predictions won’t be accurate. If you already have a wheel profile you want to work with, just tap the wheel profile name.


STEP 6. Next you will hear “Start”, and are ready to begin.


Before proceeding to the next step, choose one diamond (metal ball deflector) that you can see reasonably clearly on the wheel. It can be any as long as you don't change it later. This is your “reference diamond”. Always use the same “reference diamond”, and this will be called "Diamond A".




On the screen where you hear "start", tap SETTINGS in the top right of the screen. Below is an explanation of each setting:

Graphical number input: Enabling this allows you to input numbers by tapping the number on the screen (which is quicker), instead of clicking the volume keys. If you are just testing at home or playing at an online casino, set this to ON.

Start number input: If it's ON (checked), the previous winning number is automatically input as the start number for your next spin. This saves you from having to input it each time. If this setting is OFF, you must manually input the start number for each spin. This setting applies only when you have at least one spin in a new session. If you are entering data for each spin without any breaks (you miss no spins), have this setting OFF. If you expect to sometimes miss spins, have it ON.

Scatter reference input: Normally have this ON. Set this to off ONLY if we've advised you to.

Diamond input: Deeper analysis is possible if this is ON, but then you must input the diamond the ball hits after each spin. It sometimes is useful data. But in most cases, leave this setting OFF.

Risk threshold: The higher the value, the safer the wheel is likely to be to play on. You should have it set to 2 or higher. But whether or not the wheel is profitable depends on the "maximum edge" value of the wheel. The higher the value you set, the fewer predictions are given, but the more assured your profits are. If you only ever hear "risk" instead of predictions, either your risk value is too high, or the wheel may not be profitable. Don't just lower the risk threshold to get more predictions, because you may then get inaccurate predictions.

Predicted numbers pronouncement: Set the time delay between winning numbers being heard. Leave it at 0 in most cases.

Rotor direction: Use "prompt for direction" to be asked the rotor direction for each spin. Use "clockwise" if the rotor only spins clockwise, or "anti-clockwise" if the rotor only spins "anti-clockwise".

Graphical rotor direction input: When ON, you can tap the screen to enter the rotor direction, instead of using the volume key. If you are just testing at home or playing at an online casino, set this to ON.





STEP 1. You hear the audio “start”.


STEP 2. Click “volume up” once, then you will hear “anti… clock… anti… clock” which is the software asking you the direction the wheel rotor will spin next. Simply click after the correct direction, and you will hear the direction you specified. If you use "graphical rotor direction input", just tap the direction on the screen.


STEP 3. You will hear “enter tens” and “enter ones”. This is asking you to input the last winning number, or where the ball is currently sitting.

Example: If you wanted to enter #34, after “enter tens” you click THREE times and wait. You will then hear “enter ones” and you click FOUR times, and then wait. You’ll then hear “34, confirm?”. Then you must immediately click to confirm, otherwise the software returns to the beginning with the audio “start”. If you wanted to enter #0, then don’t click at all. Then if you are playing on an American wheel, you will be asked “single or double?”, and you make one click for single zero, and two quick clicks for double. Then you can click later to confirm the number. It’s a simple process and soon you will do it without even thinking about it.

If you use "graphical number input", just tap the direction on the screen.


STEP 4. You will be asked “new session?”. Whenever you play on a different day, OR the dealer is different, OR the ball size and type is changed, click and HOLD “volume up” for about a second, then release. This will create a new session and you will hear the phone say "new session" a second time. Otherwise, click nothing and wait. Then you’ll hear “ready for spin” or the predicted numbers. Now you just wait for the ball to be released. If you use an Android emulator, carefully check the emulator software to see where the volume keys are located.


To get predictions: repeat the same process above. And after the “new session” audio (if you don't create a new session), you will hear either the predicted numbers, or “risk”. If you hear “risk”, you don’t bet. If you hear the predictions, bet on them. If you want to skip the audio for all predicted numbers and just display the predicted numbers on the screen, click "volume up" again. This is useful for speeding up tests. You only need to bet on ONE of them to have an edge, but bet on as many as you can for best results. YOU WILL HEAR "RISK" INSTEAD OF PREDICTIONS FOR THE FIRST 3 SPINS OF A NEW SESSION FOR EACH WHEEL DIRECTION, OR IF THE WHEEL APPEARS TO BE AN UNACCEPTABLE RISK RATING.


STEP 5. As soon as the ball is released, click “volume up” when ANY number is at ANY reference point. So it could be number #5 when it is just past a particular diamond – just use whatever catches your eye at the moment of ball release. If you can see the zero, use it because it’s easier to track. You will hear a “ding” sound to let you know the click was registered.


STEP 6. When the same number comes back to the same reference point, the rotor will have completed a full revolution, and click “volume up” again. You will have timed the rotor speed. You will hear the second "ding" sound on this second click.


STEP 7. Now observe the ball as it comes around each time. But you only really need to pay attention when the ball is about to pass the “reference diamond” for the last time in the spin. Now observe the number under your “reference diamond” each time the ball passes ABOVE it (below the diamond doesn't count). And the last time the ball passes ABOVE this diamond, note the number under the diamond. This is your “scatter reference number”. You don't need the exact number. Just be as accurate as possible. You can still be accurate to within 5 or so pockets without a problem.


STEP 8. When the ball actually hits the rotor (the moving wheel with numbers), click “volume up” once more. Again you’ll hear another “ding” sound. Now wait a few seconds for the ball to come to rest, and the software asks you “scatter reference”, then “enter tens”, “enter ones”. Enter your “scatter reference” number with the number input procedure explained above (including confirming the number).


STEP 9. You’ll now be asked which diamond the ball hit (A,B,C,D). Then you click immediately after the diamond letter you hear. So if you want to select diamond C, wait for A,B,C then click. Simply enter A if the ball hit the "dominant diamond", or "B" if it did NOT hit the dominant diamond. Don't worry about tracking diamonds C & D for now.


STEP 10. Now click “volume up” to return to the start again




  • It is normal to sometimes get 18 or so predicted numbers. You do NOT need to bet all numbers. Normally betting just one of the numbers is profitable, but it is advised to bet as many of the predicted numbers as possible. This reduces potential losing streaks.
  • On wheels that spin very frequently, you may not predictions in time. This is because of the time it takes to enter numbers and hear predictions. Simply skip every second spin, so you'll have time to bet. Otherwise use the web version which gives you betting charts that are quick to read. You can also use the "graphical input" settings to greatly speed up the process. And once predictions begin to be announced, you can click the volume key to instantly display them (instead of the voice saying the numbers).
  • Don't worry too much about being perfectly accurate with the timing of your clicks. You can afford to be inaccurate by even half a second or so. And you don't need to read the "scatter reference" number with perfect accuracy - you can still be a few numbers off.




If the system was completely ineffective when betting 18 numbers, you would win about 48-49% of spins. This would be a -2.7% edge against you. It might not seem like a big advantage for casinos, but consider the casinos earn billions from it.

On a "beatable" wheel, you can expect an edge between +1% to +15%. To put this into perspective, a +2% edge when betting 18 numbers means you win 51% of spins. To give you an idea in terms of profit: An edge of +2% for 100 spins betting $25 units is a $900 profit. And in most cases, your edge is much higher than +2%.

Keep in mind the edge is not so obvious over just a few spins, and not to expect winning on every spin. Winning takes place over the long-term.





You can't beat every wheel, and the full system gives each wheel a rating so you know likely results before you play. This version does not give wheel ratings. But below are some guidelines so you can focus on wheels that are likely best:

  • Avoid automated wheels: you can still beat many of them, but generally they are best avoided.
  • Focus on real wheels with live/human dealers
  • Give preference to slower spinning wheels (4 seconds or more per revolution). Ball bounce is more predictable on slow wheels.
  • It does not matter if the dealer constantly changes, or deliberately varies spin speeds.

Test without real money, or only with bare minimum bets. Do not rush in and bet large without testing. Only increase bet size after your tests are positive for a wheel, otherwise you may waste money on a wheel that's too difficult to beat. The best place to practise without any risk is at an online casino. Use a proxy or VPN to change your IP address if your country is restricted. See some suggestions at